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Extended Family Terms & Conditions

Remember the key to earning points is to present your Extended Family program card every time you make a purchase. The more your use your card, the more you will be rewarded.

Q. How long until I receive my Extended Program Card?
A. Please allow 2-4 weeks fro processing to receive your card.

Q. Can I earn points for a private party at DiSalvo’s restaurant?
A. Yes, as long as you are an active member before you book your event.

Q. What happens to my points at the end of the calendar year?
A. Because points do not carry over from year to year, all balances are reset on January 1.

Q. How are my points redeemed?
A. Your points will be redeemed automatically and you will receive a voucher after your purchase.

Q. Are vouchers valid toward the purchase of other DiSalvo products?
A. Absolutely, they are acceptable for dining, gift baskets, and the entire DiSalvo line of pastas and sauces.

Q. How can I enroll in the Extended Family Program?
A. You may enroll any time by filling out the form online or printing and mailing a copy of your form. Forms are also available at DiSalvo’s, simply ask any employee for a application.


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